Break #15 (Pre-Fill) – Team Random – 3 boxes of 2023-24 Upper Deck SP Game Used Hobby Box

Spots Nicknames Teams
#5 RiskTaker2
#6 Yamahadrumkit
#8 SébastienC
#9 Officer Higgins
#11 Francis
#12 Francis
#13 SébastienC
#15 danny.steele
#18 Antho June
#24 Yamahadrumkit
#25 SébastienC
#27 Paul L
#28 RiskTaker2
#32 Superj54
  • Pre-fill
  • 3 boxes of 2023-24 Upper Deck SP Game Used Hobby Box
  • 6 cards per pack
  • 1 pack per box

In this style of break, each participant is assigned a team randomly using

Throughout the break, every card drawn for each team will be designated to the respective participant. For example, if you are assigned the Toronto Maple Leafs, all cards featuring players in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey will be yours.

If a card drawn represents an international tournament team, such as Team Canada, it will be assigned to the purchaser who owns the current team of the represented player. In the case of retired players, the card will be allocated to their last NHL team.

For cards featuring players from former NHL teams no longer active in the league, the card will be designated to the player’s current or last NHL team.

In the event that a card features multiple players from different teams, a random(on selection will determine which of the teams present on the card receives the card.

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